Ignite Your Authority & Celebrity Influence By Being The Star Of Your Own Top Rated Podcast
Generate 40+ Pieces of Content Per Month With Just 1 Hour Per Week And 
Without Being Tech Savvy
Ignite Your Authority & Celebrity Influence By Being The Star Of Your Own Top Rated Podcast
Generate 40+ Pieces of Content Per Month With Just 1 Hour Per Week And 
Without Being Tech Savvy
If you want to take your business to the next level to…

🎙Skyrocket your sales
🎙Get chased by dozens of opportunities
🎙Become the go-to MEDIA and expert in your niche
🎙Become a celebrity to your audience and create raving fans
🎙Develop lifelong relationships with other high status influencers

Then the fastest, most effective way to get there in 2019 is to become a podcast host. 

500 million people listen to podcasts worldwide 
and that number has grown 300% in the last 5 years!
150 million cars will be connected to podcasts by 2020
Podcasts are Omnipresent! They can be accessed from smartphones, Alexa, Facebook Portal, and wifi-enabled cars across dozens of channels including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, your website, email list, and even Messenger Bots.
The podcasting industry is about to Surpass 
$1 Billion in ad revenue by 2020
Ad dollars are leaving radio and rushing into podcasts. And that's just ad revenue. Hosts are monetizing their attention and stardom through their businesses and personal brands. 
Here’s the thing... I get you’ve done all the right things to get to the level of success you’re at now.
You’ve put out content…

You’ve built a following…

You’ve delivered value to your world...

But you’re not doing enough consistently, and deep inside you know that. 

Look, I get it. It’s tough and time consuming to create valuable content with purpose to show up for your audience consistently.

It’s even tougher when you’re already running another business.

So how do you get past this plateau and level up to get the recognition you deserve?

How do you achieve that without:
❌ Adding another set of tasks to your list of things to do
❌ Headaches from doing all the technical work
❌ Wasting hundreds of hours of your time

Because let’s be honest you’ve already put in the 10,000+ hours to become the master at what you do.

You deserve to be recognized as the expert you are…

You want to be the brand people think about when it comes to parting with their hard-earned dollars. 

You want opportunities knocking on your door instead of anxiously pitching for your next sale.

And let’s be honest, you deserve to be known as the best. 

If you want to ignite your authority, trust, and celebrity influence to take your brand, business, and legacy to the next level then you’re going to need help with:

🛠 Creating a podcast that resonates and builds trust with your audience
🛠 Distributing your show’s content consistently all over the interwebs  
🛠 Connecting and managing high status influencers as guests
🛠 Designing a memorable brand that cuts through the noise
🛠 Positioning yourself as a figure of authority in your niche
🛠 Setting up the right systems and processes
🛠 Accountability & leadership to stay on track

"I Believe In Trading Attention. Podcasting Is Grossly Underpriced And I Think All Of You Should Start A Podcast." - Gary Vaynerchuk, Podcast Host of the Ask GaryVee Show
If you’re ready to transform your business and life,
then this moment is YOURS tO SEIZE!
And when you do, we are going to launch your podcast and change your life forever transforming you into a celebrity in your niche.
RIGHT NOW We're working our a** off to achieve this goal...

***This month, we are going to help 5 inspiring, motivated people transform their lives and start earning more attention, business, influence, and authority with a Top podcast on iTunes in 4 weeks or less guaranteed.***

Suddenly you’re the badass everyone knows with a podcast show that’s being shared all over the internet.

You become a trusted media source and people come to you for your expertise and to be part of your circle

Opportunity starts knocking on your door, and there’s a line wrapping the whole building! 

People are taking notice and they want to be part of your success.

You start getting invited to give talks & host live events all around the world. 

You’re having regular conversations with other celebrities in your space, and everyone answers their phone when you call. 
All of your hard work your entire life has led you to this moment. 
You are finally the leader of your space, sitting at the top of the mountain instead of chilling out with all the others that waited too long to take this opportunity. 

Your World Becomes A LOT Smaller 

You get connected with more high level people through the show

This is the perfect timing to launch your podcast and get to pick the brains of experts for free. 

Here are Some of the influencer guests 
our podcast Hosts have Connected with...
Joe Hawley
8yr NFL Veteran
Drew Manning
Keto Coach of Fit2Fat2Fit
Heather Havenwood
Podcast Host with 2M + listeners
Mark Lack
Branding Expert & Show Host
Emerald Greenforest
Author, Creative Leader
5K+ Followers
Dennis Yu
FB Advertising Expert
Cynthia Henry Thurlow
Holistic Health Influencer
Ricky Turiaf
NBA Champion
Sam Baktair
9-Figure Serial Entrepreneur
Brian Keating
Author of Losing the Nobel Prize
Dr. Erin Fall Haskell
Host of Good Morning Lala Land
Shannon Hoverson
Serial Entrepreneur & Blogger
The fact that you already have a following makes it way easier for you to connect with high-level influencers

Engaging in higher-level & exclusive conversations with influencers in your space.

But it’s not just the guests you form a relationship with.

You become the star to your audience, cementing your authority and influence. 
Your listeners are excited to tune in and follow your story, becoming raving fans
80% of podcast listeners listen to the whole episode
People don’t pay attention anywhere else. The average attention span on A Facebook Video is 6 seconds. The average attention span on a podcast is one hour.
“The medium of podcasting and the personal nature of it, the relationship you build with your listeners and the relationship they have with you—they could be just sitting there, chuckling and listening… there’s nothing like that.” 
- Marc Maron,
Host of WTF with Marc Maron
Now, the real question is…

Are you ready to transform your life and business in the next 4 weeks?

In that launch week and every week after you’ll have more media opportunities, leads, and ravings fans attracted to you than ever before. 
Here’s how our team is going to Ignite this opportunity for you:
🎙 Complete setup from scratch including the Management Systems, Software, and Hosting you need to launch and run your podcast, even if you’re not tech savvy ($1,000 VALUE) 

🎙 Podcast & personal brand setup including Show Artwork, Podcasting Website, Content Templates, and Intro/Outro Audios. ($2,000 VALUE) 

🎙 3x Strategy sessions to curate HOT topics, target celebrity guests, and determine episode length, format, and frequency and more. ($1,500 VALUE) 

🎙 Content engine to promote your podcast and fill your content marketing calendar with 40+ posts every month across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, your podcast website, and email. ($2,500 VALUE) 

🎙 Guest management system to manage your flow of guests and capitalize your new celebrity relationships ($2,000 VALUE) 

🎙1 Month of completely Done-for-You Production, Publishing, Marketing, and Management to save you 90% of your podcasting time so all you have to do is show-up, press record, and host. ($1,000 VALUE) 
That’s a TOTAL VALUE of $10,000
But you’re not going to be paying anywhere near that to change your life and elevate your business with a podcast. 
We’re also going to give you these BONUSES to SUPERCHARGE your podcast & personal brand:
⚡️ Get your podcast featured on at least 2 publications ($1,500 VALUE)
⚡️ Get you booked as a guest on at least 2 other podcasts ($600 VALUE)
⚡️ Lineup your first 4 guests to help you hit the ground running ($400 VALUE)
⚡️ Lifetime access to our live group coaching community of podcast hosts ($1,000 VALUE)
⚡️ Our wild lead generation system to rapidly grow your network and monetize your podcast ($2,000 VALUE)
That’s another $6,500 in value that you’re getting as a bonus for signing up with us before we close this program in the next 5 days.

You’re getting $20,000 in total value to transform your life and elevate your business, and we’re going to give you all that at more than 90% OFF.

You’re ACTUALLY getting everything here for only $1,997.
We’re the very best when it comes to podcast production & branding. And now, we’re also beating our competitors in terms of pricing (most are charging $10k-$20k+ for this service).

Here’s the catch though…

Once we transform you into a top podcast host, we’re going to share your story and results with the world.

Take Adrian Wesley from Power ON Boost for example…

We launched his podcast and in just 1 week he reached the top 200 on multiple charts around the world. 

Stop messing around and don't mess up this opportunity to capitalize on podcasting while they're grossly underpriced as GaryVee puts it. 

You can count on the entire Ignite team to do this right from day one.

No more chasing down leads.
No more pitching yourself to media or influencers.
No more staying alone, unknown, in the background of your market. 

This moment is yours to seize.

We’re taking 5 people only… and there’s 3 spots left.

If you’re serious about achieving the life and business you want, then you know the next logical step is to launch your podcast now and seize this opportunity. 

Get started by clicking the button below.

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